MIND-SPIRIT connection where Science Meets Religion

The BODY-MIND connection was covered in a previous post found here.

The MIND-SPIRIT connection is a more complex part to understand, as SCIENCE representing the MIND and RELIGION representing the SPIRIT, have long been very separate and distinct domains of their own. In history, Religion was often disputed as discoveries of Science later revealed evidence to show that what beliefs that certain religions held at that time were incorrect. A well-known example of this is the misconception of the sun revolving around the earth. The fact that there are many types of religion eventually led to the question of whether God exists or not as a whole. Soon a new term called 'Secular' was used to denote the world of declining influence of religion and religious values.

Eventually, I realized in my research that the word CONSCIOUSNESS began to be a common denominator for the MIND-SPIRIT connection or the SCIENCE-RELIGION connection. In the secular world, the preference is not to use the name 'God' and 'Spiritual' seems to be a more politically accepted reference to someone who is religious so in our modern world, we can read an article entitled, "7 examples where Science meets Spirituality"  The common ground is that both fields are seeking an understanding or explanation of the human being's awareness or consciousness. The Collective-Evolution site has an article about Science and Spirituality.

Let's start with the simple video below that presents a lucid way of understanding our CONSCIOUSNESS:

First learn the logic of who am I?

Next learn what is consciousness in relations to the I?

Next you have to ponder or solve the puzzle where is your I located?

The concept shared above suggests that the brain could purely be just a processor of knowledge and information while all consciousness resides somewhere in the Universe. This theory comes about due to the advancement of science to the field of quantum physics or to even the present day unified field physics.

There is the latest trend of moving from physics to biology to understand our consciousness. Robert Lanza, a leading scientist of the world in his Book entitled 'Biocentrism' explains it here. 

Brain or Neuroscientists today seem influential to lead in the theories of consciousness known as the Integrated Information theory and the Global Workspace theory explained here.

As a man with multi-disciplinary interest myself, I believe an understanding of consciousness requires one to trespass into the territories of at least the following disciplines: philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, biology, neuroscience, dream research, evolutionary psychology, neuropsychology, and cognitive science, not forgetting the various disciplines classified under the classification of spirituality.

Here is a physicist who can use a simpler language to explain how Science and Spirituality are getting closer to each other :

LOTHAR SCHÄFER, PH.D.  Professor of Physical Chemistry (emeritus) at the University of Arkansas

Here is my childhood TV personality that pointed me to the kind of LIFE I would want to live when I had not learned anything about Science yet as I do today :

Here is Robert Lanza, an impressive medical doctor in stem cell research and author of the book Beyond Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness, and the Illusion of Death.

He presents a biological view of Consciousness and the Universe different from physicists. More of him below.

Here is a long video which is more a sound recording of a podcast with the much revered scientist in USA that makes a lot of sense to me. It is a long video but if you have the sense to follow, it's worthwhile listening with all your Consciousness!

It's a good question-answer voice recording with Robert Lanza bridging Religion and Science based on his Biocentrism theory. He has a most impressive record as a medical doctor focused on stem cell research and as a scientist with a different theory from that of physicists about the Universe and our Consciousness. Here is his wiki profile.

Michio Kaku is a very well known Scientist in the USA who can make complex science simple to understand. He does refer to the brain as a biological machine and has the theory that consciousness can be measured accurately as what science is supposed to do in terms of 'feedback loops'

To be continued or edited as appropriate when my Mind and Spirit dictates. One can read more details about my Human Consciousness research from my journals at www.AbacusToCloud.com