State of Mind for a Civil Society

The nature of a Society starts with the individual, what he is taught, how he learns and what he applies in his community:

The story of my life growing up in Malaysia can be read by clicking here.

Our first community experience is in a family with a father and mother:

I wrote many journals of my family growing up and of my own personal development that can be accessed by clicking here.

A community is found today with homes not just on a landed property but can be above water and in the air as in high-rise buildings:

My story of change in a community of people living in a common apartment can be read by clicking here.

Many communities make up a Society that creates a Nation. I am blessed to be born in Malaysia who gained independence from its colonial rulers but followed the system of parliamentary rule with constitutional laws to govern our society :

My story of raising a family, making a living and serving the communities in our Malaysian Society can be read by clicking here.

A world community or the society of all inhabitants of our earth was made possible with the advanced technology of transportation and social media communication :

My interest in local and world politics came when my Consciousness expanded with easier access to local and world news which I gathered with intelligence, some of which can be read by clicking here.